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Emergency knowledge

Travel security eight little common sense

★ chaotic situation after the coping method

    1, in a crowded crowd, to always be vigilant, when someone is found wrong mood, or when the crowd began to stir, we must be prepared to protect themselves and others.
    2, found that the crowd crowded toward the direction of their own to embrace, should immediately avoid to the side, but do not run; at this time to be sensitive to the foot, do not be tripping, to avoid becoming crowded stampede event triggers.
    3, if the roadside shops, cafes and other places can be temporarily shelter, you can temporarily shelter. Remember not against the flow forward, so very easy to be pushed to the ground.
    4, encountered a crowded crowd, be sure not to use body position forward or low center of gravity position, even if the shoes were stepped off, do not hastily put down shoes or shoes lace.
    5, when found himself in front of someone suddenly fell down, and immediately stopped, while shouting for help, inform the people behind do not move forward crowded.
    6, if involuntarily into the crowd, we must first stabilize the feet. Remember to stay away from the shop windows, so as to avoid being broken glass broken.
    7, when the child with a crowded crowd, it is best to pick up the children, to avoid being trampled in the chaos.
    8, if pushed down, to try to close to the wall. Facing the wall, the body curled into a ball, his hands tightly in the neck, to protect the body's most vulnerable parts.
    9, if possible, to seize the same solid things, such as lampposts and the like, until the crowd in the past, quickly and calmly left the scene.

★ stampede accident has occurred how to do

    1, crowded stampede after the accident, on the one hand as soon as possible alarm, waiting for rescue, on the other hand, medical personnel arrived at the scene, we must seize the time to carry out scientific methods of self-help and mutual rescue.
    2, in the treatment, to follow the first to save the injured, the elderly, children and women of the principle. Pulse rapid and fatigue were heavier; blood pressure, dilated pupils were heavier; there are obvious trauma, blood flow more serious injuries.
    3, when the injured breathing, heartbeat stopped, to do artificial respiration, supplemented by chest compression.

★ take the cableway safety knowledge

    1, before taking the cableway, the first to see whether the suspension of the cable has AQSIQ issued\"Passenger ropeway safety inspection qualified\"Logo.
    2, carefully read the entrance to the cableway\"Notes to Passengers\"。
    3, into the platform, follow the command of service personnel, according to the order on the train.
    4, into the bus (hanging chair), the firmly secured, do not open the door and safety barrier.
    5, the station stop, follow the service personnel to ease, get off, leave the site.
    6, in case of cableway accidental stop do not worry, patience, pay attention to listen to the contents of the line radio, do not open the door or guardrail.
    7, in case of cableway failure can not be ruled out within a short time, passengers to stabilize their emotions, do not panic, waiting for staff to come to rescue, do not try to leave the trunk.
    8, ambulance personnel arrived, must obey the ambulance personnel command, with the ambulance personnel work, do not rush, young people should assist the ambulance personnel, first rescue children, the elderly and women, first to help him (her) successfully reached the ground.
    9, the passengers arrived at the ground, under the guidance of the staff, should try to avoid the cableway area, orderly transfer to the cableway station.

★ safe swimming tips

    1, people who can not swim, should be in swimming under the guidance of high technology, first in the shallow water security zone to learn to adapt, and then gradually to the deep water transition. People who can not swim, even with the life buoy, cushion bed and other impetuous tools, do not alone to the deep water to swim, or in the face of wind and waves and other complex situations easily drowning.
    2, do gymnastics and other preparatory activities, not far away from the shore in close range within the tour gradually adapt to, and not offshore swim excursion, to stay stamina.
    3, heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure and other diseases of patients, not to deep-water waters swimming, shallow water security zone in the case of someone to take care of, according to their physical condition of swimming.
    4, the situation is unknown, do not take the initiative to swim, diving, because the bottom of the case is unknown, most likely hit the remaining stakes, Water grass and so on. It is best to wear plastic shoes into the water, if diving rescue, to squat into the water, to prevent injury.
    5, the lower the weather and clouds do not swim, so when swimming, should be evacuated as soon as possible to prevent lightning. Do not swim in the waters of the swim, swim encountered in case of vortex, freestyle or backstroke should be used as soon as possible to avoid the vortex area, must not tread water, because the water and the body perpendicular to the vortex can easily be sucked into the bottom caused by drowning.
    6, in the ship near the swimming, at least ten meters away from the ship, otherwise the closer from the ship more likely to be inhaled into the bottom.

★ Hotel fire several refuge methods

    1, you'd better live on the ground floor.
    2, when you live in a higher level, it should be noted in advance of the hotel's exports, building channels, security lights, water, fire fighting equipment and so on.
    3, in the event of a fire, do not panic, it is recommended in accordance with prior understanding of the situation and the situation at the time, a little cool to consider and then decide to evacuate.
    4, in the absence of evacuation guidance, it is recommended that you down or along the horizontal direction to escape, when the road was sealed by fire, you can also run up, when forced to go to the roof platform, but there's high temperature for you There are still threats. Use a wet towel when you escape, so that you can reduce the smoke of the harm.
    5, when the evacuation channel is isolated, I suggest you use rope or tape with a cloth slip down, slip into the floor without fire, you can break the window into the room.
    6, it is not escape, you do not jump, return to other room without fire, the door closed and splashing, and then to the balcony for help, if the fire has broken through the door, you do not open the window, because doing so can speed up the air Convection and speed up the burning speed, then you Shenzhu Qi, try to use the room conditions to protect themselves, rescue workers to be rescued.

★ high-rise fire escape

    1, keep your head clear. When the fire occurs, to calmly face, is to escape the premise of success.
    2, do not escape into the elevator, the stairs can be anxious. Do not easily take the elevator on the fire. After a fire, the elevator is often easy due to power outages caused\"Stuck\", To increase the difficulty of the rescue work; elevator through the building floors, flames on the elevator into the elevator wells easily formed\"Chimney effect\", People in the elevator at any time will be smoke smoke gas choking choking. Escape should try to use the smoke staircase inside the building, closed staircase, a window of the gallery, refuge and other facilities.
    3, looking for escape road, down is not up. Into the staircase, in determining the next floor is not on fire, you can escape down, and never run up. Because the fire was strong\"Chimney effect\"Will make the fire quickly spread upward, so that entrants into disorientation, syncope and even death.
    4, usually pay attention to evacuation training, familiar with the escape route in advance, to master the escape method.

★ fire escape in the wrong behavior

    X original road out of danger
    This is the most common mode of fire escape behavior. Because most of the buildings within the plane layout, road exit is generally not familiar with, in the event of a fire, people are always accustomed to come along the entrance and corridor to escape, when the road was sealed, was forced to To find other entrances. As everyone knows, this time has lost the best time to escape. Therefore, when we enter a new building or hotel, be sure to the surrounding environment and access to the necessary understanding and familiarity. Think about it in case of emergency.
    X-ray to the light
    This is an emergency situation in danger, due to human instinct, physical, psychological decision, people are always toward the bright, bright direction to escape. Light and bright means survival hope, it can escape the direction of the road, avoid blind touch rambling and easier to escape. At this time of the fire, 90% of the power may have been cut off or has caused a short circuit, trip, light and bright land is the fire magic brazenly Chengwei place.
    X blindly follow
    When a person's life suddenly face a dangerous state, vulnerable to panic and lose the ability to judge the normal thinking, when you hear or see someone running in front, the first reaction is to blindly follow closely behind. Common blind follow the behavior patterns are jumping, jumping, escape (hide) into the toilet, bathroom, door angle and so on. As long as someone in front of the lead, followers will not hesitate to follow. To overcome the blind follow the method is usually more to understand and master a certain fire self-help and escape knowledge, to avoid to the imminent assertive and drift.
    X from the top down
    As the saying goes: people go high, the flame upward float. When high-rise buildings fire, especially high-rise buildings once the fire, it is customary to think: the fire is from the following up with the higher the more dangerous, more and more safety, and only fled to the floor as soon as possible, ran outdoors, Only the students hope. As the fire equipment modernization continues to increase, in the event of a fire, the conditions can be boarded on the roof or in the room (in the case of fire), in the event of a fire, Within to take effective anti-smoking, fire protection measures after waiting for rescue is also a wise move.
    X adventure jumped
    People start to find a fire, will immediately make the first reaction. At this time most of the reaction is still more rational analysis and judgments. However, when the chosen route to escape the failure to find fault and escape the road and was sealed when the fire, it is not sensible choice jumped, not knowing that this will be more dangerous. Select the security zone out for help, waiting for rescue is a wise move.

★ fire emergency evacuation self-help escape knowledge

    Familiar with the environment, remember the location, a clear line, rapid withdrawal;     
    Channel is not blocked, the export is not closed, the door is not locked, to ensure smooth;
    Obey the command, not crowded, mutual care, orderly evacuation;
    Accidents, call others, do not delay time, not greedily property;
    Self-protection, low posture creeping, wipes cover nose, to prevent gas;
    Straight to the channel, the order of evacuation, not into the elevator to prevent being off;
    Keep calm, local materials, homemade ropes, safe escape;
    Fireworks sealed Road, close doors and windows, wet cloth sewing, anti - smoke intrusion;
    Fire has burned, do not startle, roll on the spot, pressure extinguishing flames;
    Can not run away, greeting, people rescue, out of the woods.