Scenic introduction

        Yandang Shan is located in the northeastern coastal city of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province. In 1982 by the State Council as the first batch of national key scenic spots. In recent years, it has been awarded the title of "National Sanitary Hill, Safety Hill, Civilized Mountain", "National Civilized Scenic Area", "National AAAAA Tourism Area", "National Civilized Scenic Spot Demonstration Spot" and "World Geopark" . In this case,
        Yandang Shan, mountains chisel wins began in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Xing Yu Tang, Sheng in the Song. The Prince of the LiangZhaoMing built towers under the hibiscus peak for the beginning of the mountain; mountain in the beginning of the mountain; TangXiu domain monk NuOn that because of MuYangDang mountain "flower village bird mountain" reputation, rate of disciples three hundred to promote Buddhism. Was regarded as the originator of the Yandang Mountain; to the Song, Yandangshan gradually increase the scale of development, build a total of 18 Temple, 10 homes, 16 Pavilion, Yandang Shan for the development of heyday. At present, the party and state leaders Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Qiao Shi, Li Ruihuan and so on have inspected Yandang Mountain. The writers and writers of the past dynasties kept pouring on the ink and ink from immortal poets and writers, such as Xie Lingyun, Guan Xiu, Shen Kuo, Xu Xiake, Kang Youwei, Zhang Daqian, Sha Menghai, Pan Tianshou, Yu Dafu, Guo Moruo, Deng Tuo and Shu Ting.
        Yandang Mountain, formed in 120 million years ago, is the most complete and typical Cretaceous rhyolite volcano in the volcanic belt of the Pacific Rim. It is called "Natural Museum" by Chinese and foreign geologists. Since the 1980s, Britain, the United States, South Africa, Denmark and other Chinese and foreign geologists have come to visit, in 1996, Yandangshan was listed as the 30th session of the Yandang Shan, International Geological Conference of scientific inspection points, in February 2005 by UNESCO as a world geological park. Yandang Shan erupted after four eruption, its eruption than the Pacific Andes volcanic belt, the western United States volcanic belt, the Russian Far East volcanic belt is more ancient. Volcanic eruptions made Yandangshan magnificent magnificent landscape, the ruins will also be exploring the Asian continent marginal structural magmatism and deep geological nature of the window, so that Yandangshan become the world's only set of landscape aesthetics, history and culture, natural science in one Of the famous Chinese.

Lingfeng area

Ling Feng is the East Gate of Yandang Shan, Yandang Shan one of the most beautiful music. Along the Ming Yuxi and on the mountain wall two walls, dangerous peak chaos stacked, streams gurgling. Day King look, night ecstasy. When night fell, Zhu Fe

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Lingyan scenic spot

Yandang Sanjue (Ling-feng, Ling-yan, Dalong Qiushui), Yeongam proper which, as the Yandang Mountain "Ming court." Yuan Dynasty writer Li Xiaoguang said: "The steep magnificent, Mo Ruo Lingfeng; majestic muddy Pang, Mo Ruo Ling Yan." The right path

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Dalongchu scenic area

Saddle Ridge and Dongling, the ancient West Valley. Valley of water Kam River, from the big dragon Qiushui, Note by the line along the bar into the river along the ribs and the Qingjiang River. It is said Xie Lingyun then probing tendon bamboo str

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Hing wins the door area

Two cliff confrontation said door. Yandang Mountain in the "door" of the attractions up to a dozen, and to show the door is the most wins. Hsimheng door two towering towering two hundred meters, and the spacing of only a few meters, this close-ran

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Xianqiao area

Yandang Shan Xianqiao the northernmost scenic spots, the legend is the immortal Prince Jizhe Crane flying to the land. There are many attractions here with the Feixianguan: Xianqiao, Xian Ting, Fairy Cave (North Shiliangdong)

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Yan Lake area

A Furong River from ancient and modern string of two lakes: Wild Goose Lake and Lotus Lake. "On the lake, only ten miles, the water often does not dry up, Qiuyan more than when to stay here ... ..." That the top of the mountain lake to Yandang Sha

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Sanzhe waterfall area

Sanjiao waterfall is the creator of a fooled play, it actually hidden from the eyes of Xu Xiake, until this century only to show the true capacity. Famous mountains, such as to be able to continue to discover the surprise. Among the many waterfall

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Claw hole area

Before the return of the Wild Goose, it is in their own name - Fang Shanjiu known to the world, and has its own founder. The founder is a feather. Its a series of Dong Fu and other buildings and thus full of Taoism and Wufeng atmosphere, is the Y

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