Specialty food

       Yandangshan specialty has Yan Ming, Hong fish, Guanyin bamboo, Venus grass, mountain music officer (bird), the World said Yandang Wuzhen. Five Jane in the Yan Ming, mainly refers to the Baiyun tea. Ayu, the scientific name catfish, the "king of freshwater fish" reputation. A Buddism godness Guanyin bamboo, stems and small leaves, about 1 meter high, for the ornamental plants of the goods. Almost extinct. Venus grass for medicinal herbs. Mountain music officer for a bird, the shape of the genus, its song level mildly, echo the valley, such as the mountain band, named. In addition, there are such as sesame crisp, peanut crisp, winter rice sugar, black rice cakes and other travel food, seafood dry goods and your family travel and gifts to share friends and relatives.
       Tour Yandang "Mountain View, taste snacks, seafood products, enjoyable," especially snacks very local characteristics.
       Yandangshan special dishes to eat seafood-based, local famous eight dishes are: chicken end Xiangyu, clam tofu soup (in the local "best in the world" reputation), Beaulieu play beads (to Yandangshan River Eel-based material), beautiful yellow croaker, green shrimp, steamed crab, wild goose stone frog (summer and autumn rare delicacies), potato game pot (rabbit and potato stew).
       Yandang flavor snacks pay attention to color, smell and taste, as long as the concept of its color, smell the incense, Dayton appetite. Famous snails, sweet potato fans soup (Yandang people together placed banquet indispensable), Yandang pancakes, rice noodles, fennel flavors tofu, green bean noodles, etc., the Qingming season can taste the delicious local Yandang Qingming.