Ayu, the scientific name catfish, there is "the king of freshwater fish" reputation. The fish is a distinctive feature of the whole body without scales, the body surface and more mucus, head flat mouth width, the upper and lower jaws have four beards. The best season for catfish is between mid-spring and mid-summer. Catfish not only as rich as other fish nutrition, and meat tender, rich and delicious, less thorns, appetizers, digestible, especially for the elderly and children.


  Yandang Ayu, since ancient times known as one of the five treasures of Yanshan, Qing Dynasty Qianlong years as a tribute. Ming Yueqing Jinshi Zhu Jian editor of the "Wild Mountain" has been recorded in the Yanshan five treasures. Ming Feng, "Yu-air miscellaneous recorded," said: Yanshan five treasures, that Yanshan Camellia, Guanyin bamboo, Venus grass, mountain music officer, Ayu is also. Qing Dynasty Qianlong years printed "Guang Yandangshan" and the Daoguangnian printed "Yueqing County" are cited this record. Qing Dynasty labor "Oujiang Yi Chi," said: (Ayu) fine and not fishy, ​​spring, an inch long, to the winter months, long Ying-foot, then went to the tide of children, But the Yanshan stream has, he also has no. A month of fish. Yan Shan Wuzhen addition to Yan Shan tea, the other four objects are listed as the Shanghai Commercial Press 1915 edition of the "Ciyuan" entry. Cheng Hao "Zhaoming Zen temple monument" poem: robbery ash by thousands of years, stone should teach proud five Zhen. Aromatic fish, is a family of fish Branch Xiang fish, for the anadromous small fish. Adult fish 15 to 20 cm long, weighing 60 to 120 grams, body length side of the flat, head small tip of the mouth, back grayish black, belly white. Aromatic fish on the back of a balsamic cavity Road, can be made fragrant, hence the name. Ayu often habitat in shallow water, thin, low temperature Tonghai stream, scraping stone moss for a living. Because of succulent fine fat, delicious fragrance, unique charm, by the international cooking industry, tourism, fishing industry as the king of freshwater fish. 


  Yandang Po Creek Bay, Songbo Creek, tendon streams and Hibiscus Golden Creek are rich in sweet fish, especially in large Jing Shihmen Lake's fish quality is better. Aromatic fish and more fine assassination, not fresh, smoked dry, color such as gold, taste very fragrant, popular name Xiangyu dry, long possession is not bad, is said to carry thousands of miles of wild goose fish, the ancients more recite. Ming Yueqing Jinshi Zhu Jian "send a sweet fish and Zhao Yunxi" poem: Yandang out of Ayu, Qing sweet taste more than. Who made the river weep? Without pretext books. Describe the flavor of Ayu. Qing Zhang Zhenkui "sweet fish" poem: Shimen mirror at first glance Lian, there Jiayu two fingers. Reach the net can not afford sex Geng, Deng plate to make color incense and incense .Liu can not afford to wear gills to sell, it seems to regret the flowers closed. Sunset breeze blowing the Cape, someone Kui drunk boring. A detailed account of the Shimen Tan Xiangyu color, smell, taste, shape. Qing dynasty Jinshi Duanmu Guolu "Yanshan title wall" poem: Wufengshan good Murai, sea Luofu not as good as two. Ribs cold bamboo rams Ruo, Hibiscus Creek warm Ayu. 


  Yandang Ayu, well-known far and near, has left a lot of anecdotes. Qing dynasty Daoguangnian, Liang Jiang Liang Liang, the viceroy after the solution to India, seven years old Jin Yandang Shan four times, the smell of fish in the name, for a long time could not find. Yueqing magistrate Cai Zishu pro-tour guide, well aware of Liang Weng miss Ayu, trying to find the sweet fish dried, sent to the father of Wenzhou mentor, and was poem two. The poem describes vividly the common name, the growth situation, the capture and the baking method and the color, the fragrance, the taste, the shape and so on the wild goosefish. Laotai Shixi Ayu, hi read chanting poems, called the new welcome to the poems included in the book "Wild Goose Poems". In 1937 March, the second session of the National Art Exhibition held in Nanjing, Wenzhou Fang Kayan accompanied Zhang Daqian, Xie Zhiliu, Yu Fei, Huang Junbi and other famous painter Yu Yandang. Lingfeng hostel in the dining room, the waiter sent a slender body of fish, wrapped in a rounded body scales, fragrant. Zhang Daqian see this, holding chopsticks does not move, leaning to the side-kan asked. Fang Kexan quite proud to answer: Aberdeen mountain fish, freshwater fish king. As early as the Ming Dynasty, the Ayu and Yan Ming, Guanyin bamboo, Venus grass, mountain music officer and known as the Yanshan five Zhen Zhang Daqian listen, stretch chopsticks a taste, really full of fragrant, not help loud praise. The fifties and sixties of last century, each fall, Qingjiang, Pro River area formed the peak fishing period of sweet fish, with an annual output of 78 tons. 


  Since the seventies, due to the deterioration of ecological environment, water pollution and infinite catching, seriously affected the natural breeding of Ayu, Ayu fish resources have been severely damaged, the output plummeted, the verge of extinction, the protection of wild goose fish resources is imperative. The spring of 1984, Yueqing City, water up Sheng Jia Tang Village was the use of domesticated wild fish for broodstock, the first artificial breeding of Ayu, but no results. In 1999, Yueqing Hongfeng Group Oufeng Aquaculture Company began to study the artificial cultivation of fish and industrial fish breeding trials, the success of more than 30 acres of intensive pond in the net production of more than 50 tons of fish, of which 10 Tons of fish by cold processing, the first export to Japan, earning more than 5 million dollars.