Venus grass

Generally famous mountains, there must be the framework of the mountain can be commendable place, often with flowers and plants attached to their body, so icing on the cake, so that more vivid, more charm. The famous Yandangshan Venus in the Ming Dynasty grass is such a plant. Since the Ming Dynasty, Feng can be a "rain air miscellaneous record" will Yan Mingcha, Guanyin bamboo, Venus grass, mountain music officer, Xiang Yu as the five treasures of the Yandang Mountain, Venus grass as a precious species has been famous.
    Indeed, the history, on the Yandangshan Venus recorded a lot of grass. Ming Zhu remonstrance "Wild Goose" annals: "Venus grass, leaves Venus point, the root of a black stem, such as hair, it is also that the starting of the grass, vulgar coated with oil soaked bald Department, the hair resurrection. Shimen labor big and in the "Oujiang Yi Zhi" contains: "Venus grass, leaves are stars such as gold, the root of the black bars such as hair, for oil, can be black hair." Qing Xianfeng between signature "Longxi not carnivorous "The poem said:" Yandang Shan also in the grass, came the same number of Venus. Yingying Guankou early refining, little rock head on the first by the spring breeze to provoke visitors mining, riding shoes hemp small stone screen. Said: "also known as Feijian grass, with its sword, leaves have hair, scraping can only gold record." However, these people recorded Venus grass are not a unified scientific name, do not know it belongs to which Plant.
    Venus grass for medicinal herbs. Xishengyin in the stone on the net and not seen in the day at the bamboo Qing, or large wood, or on the ancient house. This grass is only a single leaf, color green, long one or two feet, to the winter big cold, leaf back students yellow star ideas, two lines relative to gold, because of the name of Venus. Its root plate flexion such as bamboo root and thin, folding of the tendons such as pigs, horse mane, Ling Dong no carving, no flowers.