Eel cooking methods are many, generally eel piece, eel section, eel wire, eel paste and so on.

Eel is very delicious food. White eel is fine, more expensive. Is a high-end feast in the top grade. Eel is more low block, but if done well, is also extremely delicious food.

Eel eat a lot, there are bones of the eel section, there are bones of the eel wire, eel pieces of eel wire have bone to cut raw, but also boiled water after processing.

Baked out of the bone method is: eel on the barrel, add some salt, covered with a bamboo basket above, the boiling water into the bucket, the eel burned to death. Eel mouth to be open, eel body roll up, you can add cold water to warm. And then made of bamboo with a knife, the eel belly draw, and then the two sides of the eel back under the plan, stripping the eel's spine and stomach visceral Serve. Although this method is traditional, but the effect is quite good. You can also clean raw eel profile, the use of boiling water to mucus, and then processing.