Folk customs

      Yueqing some of the market practices have been followed, mainly: Po Qi September to the beginning of each year to five: Jing every ten days three, six, nine; Hongqiao every three days eight; Hibiscus every two seven days: Lunar New Year in March and so on.
      In Yueqing, "New Year's Eve" is commonly known as "Twenty-nine Twilight" or "Twilight". To celebrate this holiday. Every household must prepare a variety of Chinese New Year food, such as to pound system cakes, it is also known as rice cakes as "pound cake." Before the pound rice cake, sweep the house to be selected on a daily basis, commonly known as "Shan new" or "renewal". New Year's Eve dinner, first ancestor, commonly known as the "New Year's Eve Festival." And then to dinner dishes held dinner, commonly known as "eating old wine."

      Yueqing urban and rural lanterns performing projects are: Nanyue stilts, Po Qiaotai Court, trouble Qionghua, playing ages, Shimen Lions, highland rolling dragon, the county east bench dragon, Temple jewelry dragon, Su Lu stalls, fish lights, Lanterns and so on.

       Yueqing folk songs are many, can be divided into: folk songs (such as "birds", "tea tune", "Song"), Tian song (also called "Tian Shiwen" or "Tian Shi" (Such as "Qingjiang No.", "" Fishing with fish ", Shen Jiang chant"), pastoral, children's songs five.
       Yueqing urban and rural spread of the main varieties of opera "Drum", "Taoism", "Lotus", "fighting song (" white counterparts) "," Drums "," double hammer "," selling skills ".