Beginning of spring

        Yueqing customs in the beginning of spring, "eat spring", also known as "taste red" before and when not known. People usually at home a few days before the spring to prepare fresh camphor tree branches dried until the beginning of the spring day when the time comes, we began to burn camphor branches from the door to Zhongtang then the final room to the back door, put firecrackers. The whole ceremony was complete.

        In fact, in the past because the roof is covered with tiles, and over time there will be small animals such as caterpillars and other toxic reproduction in the above, camphor leaves are pest control, decay, mildew and other effects, so we burn the camphor leaves the smoke filled the house , To kill those toxic animal eggs, there is no lack of a health folk. With the improvement of living conditions, tile-roofed house gradually disappeared, but Yueqing people have been using this custom. It is precisely because the fire is booming, we hope in the new year is booming, so gradually formed a folk prayer activities.