The Lantern Festival

        The Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of the first month. Lantern is a traditional custom. The main lights are the following.

        Dragon boat lights: popular in the county west. Dragon boat lights, under the curved wood, commonly known as "dragon boat mining", the whole skeleton is as a "spine" by the bamboo and silk composition. The head, under the mouth part, with beads down to be, as a symbol of the symbol of the dragon, so called "Dragon Boat"; have pavilions, built opera characters, it is also known as "floor ship." Left and right side of the Department of complex wall structure, the inner wall sticks Xiu-white paper, the outer wall stickers light green carved paper pattern. Triangular flag on the insert color. There are many candle lights inside. There is also a right and left and rear pavilion pavilion, and to which all the opera characters to fine wire were connected to the boat to pick up a camera off. Hand to shake the body, all the opera characters will begin to perform together. This dragon boat, commonly known as "jewelry dragon" or "hand fan dragon", which is also known as the former "flat dragon" to show the difference. Another dragon boat and supporting light called "Dragon Boat", because of its shape like the winding moon, hence the name. Long boat on the size of a small, no pavilions, not decorated with carved patterns, only painted on both sides of Dragonscale.

        File: knife called "stall". By a cut-off thick (commonly known as the file body) thin (commonly known as baffle) and the narrow wood, wood carving opera character for the bolt to link up, flexion and extension freely. The two ends of the stall are respectively equipped with the leading dragon carapace, embossed and painted dragon tail. Baffle lanterns and flagpoles, the top of the triangular flag and bronze bell. File the body mounted under the handle, for holding negative line. Dossiers negative line. The so-called dragon, in fact, refers to the file. File to the county west for the most. Where the mountains are popular "bench dragon" to Furong the most famous. Bench Dragon and file similar, but no exquisite carving, and even the leading white-tailed dragon tail or with bamboo paper paste.

        Rolling dragon: for more than a dozen transverse Bomb bone lamp, on the whole of the red or yellow silk together, before the installation of the leading, after the installation of the tail. Two lamps separated by about six meters, the lamp with a wooden handle, for holding negative line or dance. The form of dance is to imitate the snake, eel and other reptiles flexion and extension, the solution of the action and restore the action. The main lights scattered throughout the county.

        Fish lights: usually composed of twelve teams, commonly known as "Twelve of the Dragon." Fish lamp is in accordance with the Jianghai in several common fish made of paper paste bone, to color painted scales, download the wooden handle, for holding negative line or dance. Dance is performed by imitation of fish and swimming groups of individuals of various movements. This light scattered throughout the county.

        Horse lights: imitation of the shape of the horse made in two parts, respectively, tied to the human body before and after, Habitat in the middle, go up like a horse riding. "Riding" are the children, commonly known as "horse head army." Led the activities of lanterns, also known as the lantern or revolving door, originated in the West County, the village of Lantau, which is and the village for many generations of filial piety inseparable from the Taoist priest. Performance of the "downhill", "high machine and Wu Sanchun" and other opera.

        Long: paper paste Bone, to color painted scales, like a complete dragon wrapped around the bamboo, commonly known as "dragon wrapped around the column." By the time the number of people holding bamboo line, and a torch with. This light is only popular in the music into the town.

        Cursive: with many pieces of horse or opera characters in the paper-cut image, installed in hexagonal, octagonal or circular paper lamp, the heat emitted by the candle to promote the flow of air and rotate the wind wheel, continuous image shows. This lamp to the most famous Jingzhen. In addition, there are lanterns, lions, lanterns, lanterns, carp lights, shrimp lights, crab lamps and lanterns.

        In the ranks of Ying Deng, there are a few Han people, so the warrior dress, that is wearing a pocket pocket, foot-legged leg, arms stretched to the left and right, and tie people iron hook , Hanging to the incense burner, wooden fork Zhu in the waist, said the penalty by the yin Division.

        Lift Court: Lift Court like the gondola car and slightly smaller, and the bar is relatively short, surrounded by satin or cloth, cover wood for the "stage", both sides of the wooden bar for carrying. Where the opera characters are the local children's play, they are hidden by iron, wood and other support to a fixed hand-foot movements. In addition, there are also walking performances. Lift House popular in Puqi, Nanyue two, has a long history, loved by the masses. In addition to the above-mentioned several kinds of lights, there are Puqi's Qionghua and Puqi, the Bay and other places of lion, stilts and so on.