Qi Qiao Festival

        Qi Qiao Festival (Tanabata), the seventh day in July, also known as Tanabata. People are very sympathetic to this unfortunate encounter of the Cowherd and the Weaver, thus sponsoring the righteousness of the Magpie Bridge. Women are grinding and making long and flat rice crackers, and wrapped around the wrist from the girl to untie the five-color silk rope, the so-called "Qunlun", and then thrown back to the house so that magpie title to do road food. People also hope that the magpie to the five-color silk weaving to the hands of women, asked her to teach the world of girls go-between, so that they become good female weaver female red embroidery experts. At night, the mother for the daughter in the court display Qun lun, fruit, teach her to face seven Gulian colored silk thread one by one needle, if all wear in the past, even if the fingers were clever. Pastry shop in a few days before the holiday began to sell the imitation of flour and glue sesame Qunlun, commonly known as "Ma Qiao." Hibiscus, Qingjiang and other places, there are still uncle to the nephew of feeding customs Qiao Lun.