Yueqing file dragon

       "Lake Tai plan Dragon Boat, zoned to the Ma Yuan ... ..." This ballad widely circulated in Yueqing. One of the "Lake Tai" refers to the town of Weng Yang Yueqing Lake before the village, "Dragon Boat" refers to the jewelry dragon to guide the stall.

   Yueqing rural wind simple, especially before and after the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival can best be reflected. Fish lights, lanterns, lion lights, revolving lanterns, stalls and other dragon gear turns play, take the streets, knocking on the playing good lively. The first month of the third to seventeen is the best time to trouble the dragon. Every day the team carrying the file dragon and hand dragon in the village shuttle, gongs and drums, majestic. The most lively is the first lunar January night (different villages). When the night comes, a long team came from the road, the village men and women will be rushed to the fields. When approached, the fireworks into the sky, and the sound of firecrackers into one. In Heiqu Qu fields, the elderly children face solemn, slowly forward. In a river, the children will be in the hands of the Ming Deng thrown into the fire, Batui ran, for fear of evil come from the body. Then, the team evacuated, go back to burn the dragon. In a temple, has long been gathered in the mass of the crowd, we hold incense very pious. Stallion was carried back to the original position, save for future re-use; and hand dragon was invited to the temple, the people worship to the ancestors after the incineration, the "Shame", the so-called "send dragon heaven." In a fire and fireworks, firecrackers, the crowd hastily evacuated, "bang when" a door closed. Within three days, not allowed to open the door, the whole event will end.

   Diao Long: mainly popular in Liu City, Weng Yang town area. It is made of wood carving, before the leading, after the tail, the middle of more than 30 stall, even into a long 25-30 meters of the stalls. The leading dragon tail at each with three to five wood carving pavilion, kiosk sculpture 2 to 7 characters. Between the festival and the festival, with Yu Shu carved into file Xiao, Shaw and 3 to 5 characters, each group of characters are into a play. The upright and the baffle are also carved embossed pattern, the file dragon body everywhere is not carved. These are all from the private carving craftsmen hand. Each baffle in the middle, there is a file lights, lamp stand before a riding like an elephant, after the lights have the afternoon flag flags. Weng Sanyang town before the lake Tai village hand dragon is a village from the music into a custom-made, and the stall is the village long ago to stay, 33 meters long, weighing more than 2000 kilograms, a total of 16 sections. It is said that the value of more than 50 million, may be the city's most important one.

   Hand dragon: also known as jewelry dragon. It combines ancient calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, carving, embroidery, color painting art and traditional weaving, coloring, paste mounting and wooden gear transmission. Set the culmination of many art, financial each wonderful in one, deeply embodies the wisdom of the people of Yueqing. In the Ming Dynasty this lamp has been documented. "Village paste mulberry as the dragon and tail, tailored version of the body, machine to winch, bonfire on, from the drum, along the door Suosu, that the dragon boat lights." (Ming Jiang quasi-"Qi Hai Suo talk")