Travel guide

Traffic handbook


    During the peak season to the main scenic spots(“Two Ling a dragon”)There are green minibus up to 10 people that is open, the price is very cheap, from the eastern end of the 104 National Road Yandang town (White Creek) junction to the west end of the big dragon Qiushui, only 6.5 yuan.


    If in the off-season, visitors scarce, the area of the bus does not press“Fare table”(Because the fare is not enough for the driver to pay the tunnel and parking fees). So the bus will evolve into a taxi, then you can only chartered. But 80-100 yuan will be able to pack an afternoon car (a person can cut to 60 million). Package a day is at least 200 yuan. As long as a little bit tight, a afternoon enough for you to swim“Two Ling a dragon”.

Starting from Ningbo

    The whole 220 km (80 km highway, a highway 140 km), about 4 hours, 104 State Road in the town of Yandang (Baixi) get off, a lot of trips.

From Hangzhou

    Yandang Mountain tourist bus station is located in the 104 national road, every day 7: 00,14: 00 Yandang Hill and Hangzhou South Bus Station between direct high-speed bus, full 350 km, take the highway, 4 hours, fare 120 yuan .

From Shanghai

    Shanghai to Yandang Shan, in addition to the train to Wenzhou transit, but also can be directly by coach. Shanghai Zhisin New Station (No. 249 Zhijiang West Road) next to the train station also has direct access to the North Yandang bus, the morning and afternoon have a grid, more than six hours up to Yandang Shan Hu Fan in Yandangshan high-speed exit next to the station On the train, basically in the afternoon before 16:00 have been through the car.