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Dear Visitor:

    Yandang Mountain is a world-class sanitation mountain, please you and people together to cherish the clean environment here; Yandang Shan is the world's geological park, please you and people together to care for a rock, stone, wood; National Civilized Scenic Area Demonstration Point, the national 5A-class tourist areas, please you strictly supervise the quality of our civilization; Yandang Shan is a sea of mountains, the table more Meng fresh seafood, please note that eating seafood is used.

Commonly used telephone: (area code: 0577)



    Yandang Mountain 2 km from the railway station, ticket consultation: 56657912


    104 State Road, Yongtaiwen Expressway through Yandang Shan, Yandang Shan votes: 62156053

Special line:

    Hangzhou South Bus Station——Yandang Mountain; Wenzhou South Station——Yandang Mountain


    Hangzhou——Yandang Shan, ticket: 0571——86783416
    Shanghai——Yandang Shan, ticket: 021——51275711
    Nanjing——Yandang Shan, ticket: 025——86625909
    Fuzhou——Yandang Shan, ticket: 0591——83356849
    Wenzhou airport 80 kilometers away from Yandang Mountain, ticket consultation: 86875533

Scenic areas commonly used emergency telephone

    Visitor Service Center: 0577-62241549
    Travel Service Hotline: 0577-62178888
    Tourism complaints: 0577-62243651
    Alarm Center: 110,0577-62243139
    Medical First Aid: 120,0577-62243409
    Traffic Accidents: 122,0577-62152122
    Fire alarm: 119,0577-62243656
    Consumer complaints: 96315,0577-62241549
    Ticket clearing center: 0577-62241549


    ★ ★ ★ ★ Yandang Mountain Villa: 0577-62241666,0577-62241777
    ★ ★ ★ Chaoyang Villa: 0577-62245999,0577-62243484
    ★ ★ ★ Lingyan Villa: 0577-62246888,0577-62246868
    ★ ★ Lingxiu small village: 0577-62245222,0577-62245788
    Yin Ying Villa: 0577-62246666,0577-62246667
    Yandang Villa: 0577-62241058,0577-62241004
    Lotus Hotel: 0577-62246999,0577-62243522
    Net name of the resort: 0577-62246111,61142521
    Jinyuan Hotel: 0577-62242008,0577-62242007
    Yandangshan Holiday Hotel: 0577-62246000,0577-62243188
    Park Hotel: 0577-62241866,0577-62243186


    Grand Hotel Hong Kong: 0577-62244158
    Drunken House: 0577-62243751
    Welcome House: 0577-62243157
    Puqi Samsung Building: 0577-62211199

Vegetarian food:

    Beidou hole: 0577-62243614
    Purple bamboo forest: 0577-62243403
    Lingyan Temple: 0577-62243228
    Baiyun Temple: 0577-62243613

Travel agency:

    Yandang Mountain Travel Service: 0577-62243335,0577-62243087
    Yandangshan Tourism Corporation: 0577-62243378,0577-62243698
    Yandang Mountain Xianle travel agencies: 0577-62243214,0577-62243661
    Yandangshan mountains and rivers travel agencies: 0577-62243513,0577-61143616
    Yandang Shan Chaoyang Travel Agency Co., Ltd.: 0577-62241928,0577-62241908
    Yandangshan Universal travel agencies: 0577-62243436,0577-62243262
    Yandangshan Holiday Travel Agency: 0577-62244333,0577-62244222
    Yandang Shan Qi Feng travel agencies: 0577-62244477,0577-62244488