Travel guide

Common problem

Q: What is the best season to Yandang, what are the characteristics?
A: Yandang Dongnuanxialiang, the four seasons are suitable for play.

Q: Tourist season, off-season are what time?
A: Mid-March each year - mid-October is the tourist season, the other time is the off-season. Winter tourism in recent years, showing the trend of gradually warming.

Q: Which days is the peak, how to avoid the peak tourism?
A: The weekend is the peak travel time. Train tickets, bus tickets are very difficult to buy. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the accommodation is often full, Saturdays and Sundays, the most intense tourist vehicles. The price of these days of the weekend, fares are more expensive. If time is convenient, try to avoid weekend trips.

Tourism How to Prevent Insomnia

    Tourists often change the environment and rest time, the original law of life was disrupted, for people who had slightly less sleep, insomnia is more common. And sleep is not good affect physical recovery, it is difficult to have a happy, happy mood tourism. to this end:

    1, try to keep the original rhythm of life, such as brushing before going to bed, do some gymnastics or read a book, etc., and strive to sleep with normal close to sleep.

    2, conditional wash a warm water bath, can soak in the water or shower for a shower; better shower facilities, in the shower process there is the role of water massage. Unconditional warm water bath can be hot water foot bath, each for less than 15 minutes.

    3, 1 hour before going to bed do not drink coffee, tea, even if the original coffee drinking at home, tea should not affect the sleep should be reduced. In case of unpleasant things such as lost items, we must learn to catharsis.

    4, bedding to make appropriate adjustments, pillows are too low, can be used to carry high items, the hotel Western bed quilt into the habit of the original way, try to keep similar to the original habits.

    5, mosquito room, put the mosquito nets, press a good four weeks to prevent the separation, to avoid the mosquito bites and wake up.

    6, do not think before going to sleep I will insomnia, should not sleep if insomnia, can be“Listen”, The body relax, but may fall asleep.

    7, on the way to travel, generally do not participate in the evening competition intense competition, after the party or emotional excitement, there should be relaxation to adjust the time, do not immediately go to bed to sleep.

    8, such as travel before the day to be served sleeping pills, still do not have to change the original law. And usually no insomnia with the above method is still difficult to sleep, may be stable 2.5mg or similar drugs.