Eight scenic spots

        Yandang Sanjue (Ling-feng, Ling-yan, Dalong Qiushui), Yeongam proper which, as the Yandang Mountain "Ming court." Yuan Dynasty writer Li Xiaoguang said: "The steep magnificent, Mo Ruo Lingfeng; majestic muddy Pang, Mo Ruo Ling Yan." The right path out of the "two spirits" aesthetic style difference. Lingyan ancient temples as the center, after the Canruo Brocade Pingxia peaks, about Tianzhu, Zhanqi two cliffs confrontation, stand a thousand yards. Due to "muddy Pang" and Health and solemn, who Department, Dayton Wan million interest.

Lingyan Temple

Back by Lingyan, Temple to rock name. Is one of the eighteen ancient Yandang temple. Surrounded by peaks and columns, majestic muddy Pang; towering old trees, the environment quiet. Yu Qinglin of the Qing Dynasty, a couplet of the second line, viv

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Long nose hole

Also known as the dragon nose niche, located in the right side of the Temple of the plug into the Longyan. Can be from the temple or the temple next to the stone pedal path circled. The south entrance of the hole, is the jade woman peak. Deep widt

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Skylight hole

Also known as days Congcong, in the exhibition Qi Feng north wall, the hole toward the southwest, in the face of Tianzhu Feng, along the screen Xia Xuan right stone-level and can be. This hole, such as the purpose of the two holes, a hole in the n

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Wolong Valley

This is a scenic tourist organization by the Yandangshan newly developed attractions, the 1994 Spring Festival was open to the outside world. It is back in the small dragon Qiushui, commonly known as stone boat pit. As the location of the valley i

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Lingyan Ferry

In the tour of the gap or in the tour of the scenery within the Nantianmen, you can watch the Cliff Flying performances, performances of sub-crossing and crossing. In Tianzhufeng and Zhanfeng peak to pull a rope (in the past with hemp rope, now us

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Little Long Qiu

Also known as a small waterfall, in the right behind the Temple of Lingyan hidden peaks at the end of the dragon, is one of the main landscape Lingyan. Cliff ring Zhi, rock belly like coral, agate color. Waterfall flying cliff, touch the stone vac

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