Eight scenic spots

        Saddle Ridge and Dongling, the ancient West Valley. Valley of water Kam River, from the big dragon Qiushui, Note by the line along the bar into the river along the ribs and the Qingjiang River. It is said Xie Lingyun then probing tendon bamboo stream, and finally failed to trace back into the mountains, missed the opportunity to encounter big dragon Qiushui, otherwise, the Yandang mountains may not have to turn to the founder of the ocean to be large. Long Qiuyu banquet rain misty, this is a blessing. Even if you live in Huangguoshu, do not look at the big dragon Qiushui is also a regret.

Large Long Qiu

Long Qiushui fall of 197 meters, the most for the Chinese Falls, the "best in the world waterfall" reputation. Ancient literati, all of whom dumping. Long Qiushui in the air, the end of the lake into a magic dragon, take-off roll, gestures, and en

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Scissors peak

Scissors peaks stand in jian water among the peaks in 102 peaks in the Yandang Shan show strange. Ming Zhu Jian said it was "the peak of the show and the odd also." Scissors peak show in the water accompanied by odd steps in the easy King. We are

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Bulb Rhyolite

This stone ball has attracted the attention of many people, especially when the 30th International Geological Congress of experts to study, the people began to talk about the situation, there is that dinosaur eggs, there are stones that are inside

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Shy waterfall

Three-fold three-state waterfalls deep inside the rock folds, as in ancient times we Guixiu hidden in the room, rather than a guest, hence the name shame waterfall, also known as Fei Qiu. Waterfall with the deep valley through the winding down the

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Hesheng door

Xian Sheng Men, also known as immortal door, from the fairy village into the South 2 km, that is, see the front two walls steep, straight up the sky, the momentum is very majestic Qiao pull the two peaks confrontation such as doors. The door is as

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