Eight scenic spots

        Yandang Shan Xianqiao the northernmost scenic spots, the legend is the immortal Prince Jizhe Crane flying to the land. There are many attractions here with the Feixianguan: Xianqiao, Xian Ting, Fairy Cave (North Shiliangdong), Chuixinfeng, Xian Ting Shan, Danzao Yan, stone chessboard ... ... 100 square kilometers of the scenic area , Mountains and water between the mixing of all clear with the bone marrow Xianqi. Creek called cents Creek, the lake is called Longhu, the lake has Qiongdao Mountain, jumping the vault of the virgin called Xiangu, she hid in the cave called Xiangu hole.


Standing dragon and tiger door looking north, we can see Xianting mountain has a stone bridge turned out to be thin clouds, ethereal and dangerous. Over the dragon and Humen fold right, on the mountain cents, the immortal hole eastbound 1 km, to t

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