Eight scenic spots

        A Furong River from ancient and modern string of two lakes: Wild Goose Lake and Lotus Lake. "On the lake, only ten miles, the water often does not dry up, Qiuyan more than when to stay here ... ..." That the top of the mountain lake to Yandang Shan has been a unique charm of the name, but also to the visitors added a heart The vast blue waves, due to the end into the dry Ze, it has become a dream in their hearts a dream. Dream of the people only to find a sea of clouds, as well as the magnificent sunrise and sunset.


A Pinghu, from Shihmen or Shizhu door to the north about 2 hours to. Yandang Shan, is generally more than the soil rock, but the Yuchun mud Tu Zhang Shu, late autumn aloe reflection zone, no different Jiangzhu, is amazing. In the travels, said: Ya

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Meiyu waterfall

In the left side of the stone gate, rock cutting more than 100 meters, the ring and into the sink, the entrance of two cliffs such as the door, waterfall from the gully in the North Cliff vacant bet, the impact of semi-cliffs cross out of the clif

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West Shiliang great waterfall

Close to the right side of the West Shiliangdong. Ming Xu Xiake when boarded the hole, the "heard waterfall sound like thunder." From the cave down the mountain along the river walk a few minutes to go.

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Containing Everest

In the right side of the stone gate, a peak insert days, about 100 meters high, since the middle of the peak to peak there is a crack. Containing a bead-shaped boulders, quite strange, so called with Everest.

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End Dongling, less than half an hour, you can see in the right hand side of the rock two things across the river relative to the door, as said Shek Mun. Into the door, such as the line among the corridors. The door has Yu rabbit peak King, North R

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