Eight scenic spots

        Sanjiao waterfall is the creator of a fooled play, it actually hidden from the eyes of Xu Xiake, until this century only to show the true capacity. Famous mountains, such as to be able to continue to discover the surprise. Among the many waterfalls in the Yandang Mountain, the waterfall is the most surprising, especially in the waterfall for the ultimate in the fold - some even call it "the first scenic Yanshan." It is said that the waterfall is the cooling of the crater, fire and water, such as phase grams with each other.

Martyrs tomb

Located in the school soil road side, back to Funiu Feng, the former Pro Jasper Creek. Tomb on the door of the general Su Yu book "Wild Goose Martyrs Tomb" golden characters. Mausoleum hill stacked building, imposing, solemn. Is in 1953 the CPC Yu

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Under the fold waterfall

From the left side of the martyrs tomb level up to 200 meters. Tam has twenty-four years of the Republic of China (1935) engraved "under the waterfall" three characters. Waterfall south, about 50 meters high, looking at the sky, was gourd-like, ca

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In the waterfall

From the next folded waterfall back to the original fork junction, up to a two stone nail mountain stream, step stone nail over stream, about 15 minutes to reach. Waterfall more than 120 meters high, waterfall eastward. Waterfalls from the top of

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On the waterfall

From the waterfall along the ridge a little on the road, in the left side of the mountain built a "Yixing Pavilion", triangular, stone structure, novel and unique. Then along the way, the valley between the trees Cong Cong, birds in groups, do not

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