Eight scenic spots

        Before the return of the Wild Goose, it is in their own name - Fang Shanjiu known to the world, and has its own founder. The founder is a feather. It's a series of Dong Fu and other buildings and thus full of Taoism and Wufeng atmosphere, is the Yandangshan eight scenic spots in the most Chinese folk religious and cultural color of the place. The scenic area consists of two parts of the Yangjiao Cave and the Shuanglong Valley, with a total area of ​​3 square kilometers. It is the smallest scenic spot in the Yandang Mountain area. However, the peaks, peaks, caves, waterfalls, ponds and lakes are all available. Between, full of days of wind and sea tide sound mirage, just a contemporary writer should be a famous saying: Although small but good, although good but small. But with the Yandang Shan, Yang Hole can only virtual Huoxiang Xi, Yandang Shan to do a fine shadow.

        Sheep hole is Taoist cultivation comprehension for the land. Also known as a hole. There are three kinds of sheep's horns named after: one due to the hole shape of the claw; two due to the right side of the hole there is a crooked hole; three holes outside the right front there is a horn stone. Three images are very realistic. It is located in the 450 meters above sea level on the side of the rock, 9 meters high hole, 18 meters wide, 13 meters deep. Inside the cave has Yuchan Palace, the name of the palace is a hole on the right side of a boulder from the shape of toad. The temple is a wooden four-canopy structure. And connect the left side of the two abbot floor and the Tripitaka floor. The middle of the cave inside the cave has a chisel 2 meters high, 6 meters wide, 1 meter deep grotto, from left to right wall carved seven Buddha: I, the original big statue, Lingbao Senior, Yang Lao So that the public, Yang old woman, Yang Qilang and founder Chen Yiyang. The statue is sitting, slightly larger than the size of a real person, dignified manner, different appearance, quite ingenuity. Temple on the right side of the Qing Xuantong cast iron bell for two years. And in the left and right side of the rock under the mountain rock built six holes, respectively, dedicated to the Song Dynasty Yang seven will be, commonly known as the second hole to seven holes, the incense is very busy in Hong Kong, pilgrims flocked.

Sheep hole

Also known as a hole, is located in the south of the rock. Fang Yan main peak 450 meters high, about 3 square kilometers. Department of Yandang mountain range. In the Tang Dynasty Tianbao six years (747) changed its name to Wang Chengshan, commonl

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Ding Haifeng

Formerly known as Jian Yan located in the southwest corner of the croissants, towering towering, shaped like a stone from a distance you can see this peak it has become a symbol of the claw hole area Near the Fang Yan but can not see its true

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